Speed dating movie summary

” Eventually, I find myself falling into that inevitable first date trap, imagining what it might be like to spin a conversation into a relationship with one of these people. I hesitate for a moment and respond noncommittally, “Comics, I guess.” It’s not as popular an answer as I expected.

And when it’s all over and the DJ has stopped spinning Lady Gaga, I still can’t see myself walking down the aisle to the Star Wars theme in the near future.

I do, however, walk away with seven email addresses. Brian Heater is a writer and editor living in Queens.

She just really, really likes Freddie Krueger, it turns out. We talk for a second about horror movies, once the topic of Ke$ha has been fully exhausted. She answers in the affirmative, though that one, she insists, didn’t scare her. “I’ve had some dates that I wished lasted three minutes,” I tell one of the women.

They don’t scare her, she tells me, except for ones about elevators. It’s not a great joke, sure, but under the circumstances, it’ll do.

Night Shyamalan’s The Last Airbender adaptation (frankly, she’s shocked the director would even show his face at this convention). One woman seems genuinely impressed by the fact that I’ve attended San Diego Comic-Con.

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