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The main title of the Shows is the "Eurovision Song Contest", followed by the year during which it takes place.It shall be used by all broadcasters, although they may instead use a translation into their national language, subject to the approval of the EBU Permanent Services.In the Final, the results of the National Juries in each country shall be announced in turn by the spokesperson of each Participating Broadcaster, clearly and distinctly in English or in French (stating first the name of the country concerned and then the points allocated by the National Jury to the songs, in ascending order).

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Apart from the six broadcasters with guaranteed places, all Participating Broadcasters from a maximum of 40 countries shall compete in one of the Semi-Finals for the remaining places in the Final.

The ESC is composed of three live Shows, two Semi-Finals usually taking place on Tuesdays and on Thursdays and one Final taking place on Saturdays.

National commentary by commentators appointed by each of the Participating Broadcasters is added to the international version of the Shows for broadcast in their respective countries.

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