Statistics of black men dating white women change background of photo to white online dating

And that can have a ripple effect that impacts not only current earnings, but future economic mobility.

According to a recent memo from Brookings Institution, when looking at married women ages 25 to 35, about 41 percent of white women had husbands who had similar educational-attainment levels, while only 32 percent of married black women could say the same.

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For one, black women are much more likely than their male counterparts to obtain college degrees.

They're also less likely to marry outside of their race, which can leave them with fewer choices when it comes to matching up with someone of a similar educational status.

Yet the rates of intermarriage among different racial/ethnic groups show very different trends.

This next chart displays intermarriage rates across time for the America’s four major racial/ethnic groups for the same period.

“Income is not a guarantee, it gives you a leg up for sure but the education trumps that, education is critical,” he says.

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