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Since then, we have added many goals around home improvements and travel (Nantucket this year).

Looking ahead, we’re also discussing when we transition our business, different careers we might want, and imagining what retirement might look like.

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We coded our plans green (done), yellow (in progress) and red (stopped), and discussed our progress, issues and next steps. Similarly, keep your life plan on track, but make it fun.

My wife and I meet monthly on the weekend to review our goals for the year. We celebrate what we’ve accomplished, talk about what’s next and discuss blockages.

see Fig1 below To start off find the overall height from the top to the bottom of the steps.

We know the height of the deck is 900mm (36") above ground, but the ground coming away from the deck might not necessarily be level and the slope of the ground will affect the overall height of the steps. 900mm (36") (B) Distance out from deck where steps will finish. 900 (36")x1.5 = 1350mm (54") (C) Level line from top of deck. 900mm (36") 150mm (6") ground slope = 1050mm (42").

This year, we’ve accomplished nine of our 10 goals, including paying off our house and successfully saving more.

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