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Interested individuals would first need to open National Pension System account by filling the 4 page application form along with a minimum contribution of Rs. Details required in the NPS form are as follows: Official download link for Application form for Swavalamban National Pension System from https://co.in/.While filling the application form, it is mandatory to select the pension fund manager (listed below).

(By giving his consent for the scheme, the customer is agreeing to the following rules, terms and conditions to the scheme) APY is one of the Social Security Schemes in the Insurance and Pension sectors launched by the Government of India for all Indians to provide a defined pension, depending on the contribution, and its period.

All savings bank account holders in the age 18 to 40 years as per details available with HDFC Bank will be entitled to join.

For contribution, request you to contact any service provider (POP).

As per regulatory requirement, Subscriber has to be FATCA/CRS compliant.

While filling the form you can opt for receiving the PRAN form in Hindi.

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