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That Elba’s character, Colin Evans, is a killer is not the twist.

We’re told that much in the opening TV news bulletin, which takes a comically long time to give us Colin’s backstory, referring to him as “one of the most wanted men in state history,” which, duh, and then again, less than a minute later, as “one of the most dangerous men in the annals of state history.” Other than demonstrating that Lagos has never actually watched television, that scene turns out to be completely superfluous — because its litany of unspeakable things We Need to Tell You About Colin (he was a suspect in the disappearance of several women, but actually convicted of killing a man in a bar fight) is helpfully repeated in full in the next scene, Colin’s parole hearing, where one member of the board compares Colin to that famous bar-fight champion, Jeffrey Dahmer.

Specifically, it cuts to a shot of Colin caving his ex’s head as he tells Terri that the last woman in his life cheated on him. “That’s the nicest thing anyone has said to me in a long time,” she coos.

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Unusually friendly to latecomers, No Good Deed actually gets going a couple of scenes later when Colin, having been denied parole, busts out of custody with less difficulty than most of us have getting through the self-checkout line.

(The film runs a svelte 84 minutes, including all the fake beginnings and the end credits.) Colin proceeds immediately to the home of the ex-girlfriend he sent letters to from prison, which seems like the first place the cops would look for him, but whatever.

He listens attentively as you share a bottle of red wine, lamenting that your husband (handsome, successful) bought when he used to see you as more independent, back before the kids. Elba is credited as an executive producer, as is Taraji P.

And also, was that weird when your skinny white friend Meg stopped by in the middle of her jog earlier to parade around in front of your husband in just a sports bra? Henson, who plays Terri, the good woman whom he menaces after spending a very long time getting to know her.

and - a; date - datum , určit datum / stáří , datle; dating - určování stáří; Adam - Adam u international muslim dating sites Taraji P. MET Gala 2015 ' China: Through The Looking Glass' Costume Institute Benefit Gala at Taraji P. October 6, 2015 Dating is important before marriage because how will you know that person is for you? Henson, the actress behind "Empire" matriarch Cookie Lyon, The "Empire" actress recently dished as to why she wouldn't date "Empire" actress Taraji P. Is there a potential of Empire Taraji P Henson Dating 50 Cent? Henson on IMDb: Movies, TV, Celebs, and more Save the date because “Empire” will feature a wedding and a marriage this season, showrunner Entertainment | 04/08/2015 | AM EDT.

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