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However, bullying is no longer a problem that is isolated to the playgrounds, hallways and lunch rooms of schools.

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This why it is essential to share recent cyberbullying cases with the world.

Here are six stories of cyberbullying cases that garnered national, and in some cases, global attention: The Cyberbullying Story: the website operated by Ryan’s parents, John and Kelly Halligan, early concerns about Ryan’s speech, language and motor skills development led to him receiving special education services from pre-school through the fourth grade.

Many cyberbullying articles were written on what was revealed to be another cruel prank tuned into one of the most tragic suicide stories.

Aftermath According to the Associated Press, it was later that fall when a neighbor informed Megan’s parents that Josh was not a real person.

Ryan’s academic and physical struggles made him the regular target of a particular bully at school between the fifth and seventh grade.

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