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He said he was applying for papers that would allow her to live in the UK. She couldn’t wait to start a new life with 25-year-old Ahmed, the polite, charming businessman she’d met on a dating website and who had visited her home in Morocco to ask her parents for her hand in marriage.First, her husband explained, they would have to move to Turkey, where he had a new job that would keep things ticking over while they waited for the documents to arrive.Food was scarce; there was often no electricity or water; outside, she’d see the mutilated bodies of ‘traitors’ strung up in the town square.

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The sisters were married to ISIS fighters but both men have died in battle.

The twins flew from Manchester to Turkey, where they posed with other runaways as a family on holiday, and later crossed the Syrian border.

Physics student Islam Mitat was a bright young woman with the world at her feet.

Aged 20, the pretty, fashion-obsessed brunette had been married for three months when her British husband, Ahmed, told her that he had a surprise for her.

Mitat says her daily life there was like a ‘Little Britain’, where UK-born fighters and jihadi brides would pop in for tea and exchange pleasantries, or share their delight in seeing their names and photographs in the news.

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