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Photographs cannot be a substitute for specimen signatures.

2.2.2 Exceptions (i) Banks, local authorities and Government departments (excluding public sector undertakings or quasi-Government bodies) are exempted from the requirement of photographs.

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(iii) The services available in the account will include deposit and withdrawal of cash at bank branch as well as ATMs; receipt /credit of money through electronic payment channel or by means of deposit / collection of cheques drawn by Central / State Government agencies and departments; (iv) While there will be no limit on the number of deposits that can be made in a month, account holders will be allowed a maximum of four withdrawals in a month, including ATM withdrawals; and (v) Facility of ATM card or ATM-cum Debit Card; The above facilities will be provided without any charges.

Further, no charge will be levied for non-operation /activation of in-operative ‘Basic Savings Bank Deposit Account’.

2.4.3 Completion of Formalities The banks should ensure that all account opening formalities are undertaken at the bank's premises and no document is allowed to be taken out for execution.

Where it is absolutely necessary to make exception of the above rule, banks may take precaution such as deputing an officer to verify the particulars, obtaining a signed photograph on a suitably formatted verification sheet, forwarding by registered Acknowledgement Due, mailing a copy of the account opening form and accompanying instructions to the client for necessary verification before any operations are conducted in the accounts.

Since introduction is not necessary for opening of accounts under PML Act and Rules or Reserve Bank's extant KYC instructions, banks should not insist on introduction for opening bank accounts of customers.

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