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At one end of the spectrum the helicopter boyfriend (or girlfriend) does just what a helicopter does. The person with diabetes has already taken responsibility for their own self-management.They have also let their partner know exactly what they need them to do in order to help them in managing their diabetes.

Dennis had been at a loss for words since finding out about Susan’s diagnosis.

He was ashamed to say that he had not called her in three days. Although we may not be in the position to give him an answer as to whether or not he should date Susan, what kind of relationship advice might be helpful in this situation?

For starters, if Dennis wants to pursue a future relationship with Susan, he should ask himself just how much he cares about her, and whether or not he thinks that he is capable of supporting someone with diabetes through the long haul of life.

If the answer is yes, then a diagnosis of diabetes should not preclude Dennis from pursuing a relationship with Susan.

Susan sounded unsure if she should get into a relationship having Type 1 diabetes.

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