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About ten feet away, Kat had greeted Brad with a similar kiss and discussion.

The men had obviously decided that upstairs was a good start to the weekend together.

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The touches had indeed turned Amber on; despite her nervousness she was also horny.

Across the living room of the suite, Kat’s beautiful wrap-around top unwrapped from her torso with Brad’s help, and became the first item of clothing shed on the weekend.

Every contingency for the weekend had been covered as far as they knew; including certificates from a local clinic proving that as of the previous morning they were disease-free. ” Edie snapped a photo with her i Phone for posterity. Mike opened the door with a large smile on his face. This is such a special time for me – for us – and I guess especially for you. Mike’s hand gently rubbed the middle of Amber’s back.

In a corner of the lobby one other nicely dressed girl watched the young women enter and cross to the elevator bank. After an elevator ride to the fourteenth floor, Amber strode down the carpeted hallway to room 1403. Her bold walk and pronounced knock hid the sound of her knees clanking together. Amber said, “This is such a nice room – errr, suite.

She had put on a brave face and hoped that he couldn’t read her inner emotions.

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