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Tuborg Red is not brewed on a regular basis but is brewed once a year in May to salute the company's birthday.In 1990 Tuborg launched their annual Christmas brew on the second Wednesday in November, with the marketing term "J-day"; "snestorm" (blizzard) and "snefald" (snowfall) are also used.

Tuborg sell a variety of beers in over 31 countries including: Tuborg Green, Tuborg Lemon, Tuborg Christmas beer, Tuborg Gold, Tuborg Red, Tuborg Twist, Tuborg Black and the alcohol strong Tuborg Fine Festival.

Tuborg Gold is quite popular throughout Denmark and southern Sweden, in the latter being as easily found on store shelves as other Swedish brews, such as Pripps Blå or Falcon.

It merged with United Breweries in 1894, which then entered into a profit-sharing agreement with Carlsberg in 1903.

In 1970, United Breweries was acquired by Carlsberg.

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