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chaos chaos (sb) chapachul messy (adj ) chapchay hotchpotch (sm ) chape screed, flat coating chaprak trim (sm ) charade charade (sb) charagah grass (sm ) charapakh shell ( sf ) & trappings ( sm) chardak hut ( sf ) ( dry branches ) charge charge (vtr & sb) charge med (& encharge med) = to encharge of ( vtr ; mission ) chariot chariot, cart ( sb) charisma charisma charitable charitable (adj) Charlemagne Charlemagne (npr) Charles V Charles V (npr; Holy Roman Empire) charm charm (sb) (attraction, spell) charmen hex (sb); to charm, cast a hex on charnire hinge (sb) charp ore (sb) charsaf bedsheet charta charter ( sb) chascha pitcher ( sb) chasma glasses ( splu ) ( adjustable ) chasse chase chassiss chassis (sb) chaste chaste chat painting (sb) (color) chateau castle (sb) (residence) chatte chatti (adj.) chaurr kempy (adj) chausse hose (clothing) chauyow soy sauce (sb) chavi chili (sb) ( pepper) chay tea ( sb) chayguar teaspoon (sb) chaykhow teapot ( sb) Chechen Chechen ( adj.

& sm ) Chechenia Chechnya ( npr ) chef chief chefdover masterpiece (sm ) chefquartier headquarters Chehelom Arba'een chehise keychain, bunch of keys (sb) chehx check (vtr) chehxen checking, examination chehxleis to proofread cheid quarrel (vint & sb) chekh Czech (adj & sb) Chekhev Chekhov (npr) Chekhia Bohemia chekmenye overcoat (sb) cheld fellower (servant; sb) cheldar retinue (sb) chembere cap (sf ) ( woman ) chemia chemistry (sb) chemic chemical (adj) chemical chemical (sb) chemiste chemist (sb) chemotherapia chemotherapy (sb ) chenchal flycatcher (bird, sb) chenopodium goosefoot (sb) chep flail (sb) chepkenn mantle (sm ) ( short ) chepran animated (adj) cheque cheque, check (sb) cherakin box of herbs chereme damage (paid sum; sb) cherga drapery (sb) cherkess Adyghe ( adj , sm) cherkin ugly, naughty (adj) cherub Cherub (sb) cherveni gypsywort (sb) chesma tap (sb) cheus choose (vtr) & choice (sb) chevirme turn the spindle ( vtr ) chevron chevron, rafter chewing gum chewing gum chiam woman hairpin chiaujaen challenge (vtr & sb) chiaujaenic defiantly chiba !

= to shadow, tail (someone; vtr) beseup to make drunk (vtr ) besic busy (adj ) beskeulk to scout around (a certain place) besmeur to spread (ex butter) besoar bezoar ( sb) besonters especially (adv) besoyn business (fact of being busy) besoynmanagement stewardship (management) bespehc acc.

= to realise, to become aware of bestehg cutlery (table) bestehm destine, intend (vtr) bestehnk stink (vtr) bestial bestial (adj) bestiar bestiary (collection of beasts) bestiarium bestiary (book) bestreich to tick off besweigh to say nothing about besweurgh worry (vtr ) besyuh to sew (to insert threads into; vtr) bet but ( conj ) (however) betanek concern (vtr) betarter to scale (vtr) betayc to say nothing about Bethania Bethany Bethlehem Bethlehem ( npr ) Bethpage Bethphage Bethsayda Bethsaida beton concrete (sb) betouche touch (vtr; sex crime) betrehv to be about betreus confide (vtr) betyehc acc.

Ex: me ayo tien prient = “you consider me as your friend”; 2°) to say, to tell (in dialogues).

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