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Read: Philippines struggling to tackle child prostitution 'Leading the world' Justice Minister Michael Keenan said the new laws were unprecedented in the world.

"No country has ever taken such decisive and strong action to stop its citizens from going overseas, often to vulnerable countries, to abuse kids. Senator Derryn Hinch, a longtime campaigner for the measures who was involved in drafting the legislation, said pedophiles traveling for legitimate business and family reasons, and those living overseas who need to return to Australia as their visas expire, could be provided with temporary passports.

The brand was one of some 800 companies allowed to use the royal coat of arms.

() Sex tourism, child prostitution, and human trafficking are closely linked in the Philippines.

Corruption and prostitution are flourishing because of the country's inability to enforce law and prosecute criminals.

“These sites can be a positive force in young people’s lives but we need to ensure that children and young people are as safe as possible on them.

“It’s important they know never to send a photo or personal details to a stranger and that they should report any attempts from people to gain details from them.” Facebook also has a team of investigators who work with CEOP and can track attempts by adults to groom youngsters on the site so offenders can be quickly identified.

The unit receives 200 to 300 reports of concerns each month from members of the public through the “Click CEOP” button on websites and about 30% of these relate to online grooming, the equivalent of about 20 reports a week, figures showed.

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