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I grew up swimming, biking, and running all the days long as a youth in the New England area and Rob and I would spend time together swimming, biking, and running as fun and healthy outlets to spend time together outside the stressors of our professional lives and to be with friends.

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How many of you had people in your lives that created opportunities for you to test your fullest and deepest strengths, abilities, and skills?

How many of you had genuine, loving, and compassionate adults in your life that were mindful of creating positive growth experiences in preparation opportunities for adulthood?

I stumbled upon TTG about 2.5 years ago when I was looking to join a running group.

I attended my first meeting feeling like a scared, lonely puppy, because I did not know anyone in the group.

I started swimming, biking, and running with Rob as our relationship blossomed to help support him in this endeavor.

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