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But in a chilly omen of gun-related events in real life, Kath’s character shoots a cop.

By January 1978, Chicago had split from “the man who controlled everything”, James Guercio, and had appointed a new manager.

At their Royal Albert Hall gig in London, each band member was introduced separately and received a standing ovation.

Back in the US, Chicago finally got their break when an edited version of went Top Five in the US and the UK, though, nobody could complain.

So began a relentless cycle of album/tour/album that Lee Loughnane now marvels at.

“It was good for our souls.” As the band’s lone guitarist, competing with three horn players, Kath knew how to make his presence felt.

Trombonist Jimmy Pankow recalls how even in their club days, Kath was “banging his guitar off his amplifier” – Pete Townshend-style – “to make it talk”.

On a return trip to the UK, Kath’s gruff persona got the better of him during a press conference at the London Hilton.

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