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Villeneuve was well-known for his succession of beautiful girlfriends during, and after, his Formula 1 career.After dating Sandrine Gros d’Aillon during his early motorsport career, he was engaged to Australian singer Dannii Minogue, and then engaged to American ballerina Ellen Green. Females loved the idiosyncratic, spectacle-wearing, studious-looking heartthrob with the fashionable chin stubble, though he always had a steady girlfriend and was once engaged to Australian pop diva Dannii Minogue (Kylie's sister), before becoming the fiance of a teenage American ballerina, then marrying Johanna, a Parisian girl he met in a restaurant.

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© Sutton Images Buenos Aires, April 1997: Jacques Villeneuve took pole position for the Argentine Grand Prix.

He then overcame gear-change problems to hold off the charging Ferrari of Eddie Irvine for victory.

As it developed, Jacques Villeneuve soon made a name for himself.

He was certainly to the manner born, on 9 April, 1971, in Canada's French-speaking province of Quebec, from where Gilles Villeneuve took the racing world by storm - and took his family with him.

In the car, his fighting spirit, lust for speed, penchant for risk-taking and eagerness to engage in close combat were reminiscent of the qualities that endeared his famous father to the fans.

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