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The$C fine tobaiccos^ selected firofti adl parts of the world, are blended w^Lh a base of c Od U smok ing white buricy . t4QUQAY^r\^ you this A«/c A/ Holiday tobacco leases our blending line wjth just the right moisture oon- tent. BELL TELEPHONE LABORATORIES JMPROVIHQ TELEPHONE SERVICE FOR AMERICA PROVIDES CAREERa. WINDSOR, JR„ Editor end Puhiisber Next Month Firll' of odvrn Ni'v, Jactj UM Ccrrtdl yild Karri Lorl MHi ia1 Ir P'orii kl« irt Itio indi^i itarling on pape 74^ fnqruintly it liti*d in Ihp WHi P£-TQ-FIN[- [Jianuri, 300 E. AR MECHANICS How fo pass a genius n U af u& can’t be gcniu^i^. n Ciili H^lir IStta U b Edi Miid □ tltoitollto Ekijntof □ f4Ttt«i Fmftin tr Ejirfl ANb pi Ei El power □ HHt Tmlntnin Ril Jilirfr □ Cpib Kikif. □DI«h IEi«'9 Crb^tll^to C h Ar B e * S Indi Btr UI lidtotrlj J lw)riin«ir Gdl M Indnlrl M Stto TTk Utoi g lrl MM] Ca Nmll M i Jciii M HAIiv tto^B-Crallir^ □ i MAIcbi Jbk b RNlibl □ Hk Ii IM Sl HI Pncbc» O IMiirlul Eniliwlif □ ^111-1 Cti Ni T n bbdu B Sh R Nl^illl O ndru Htom □ Bitot Ito M rji Tu saii Enii ESi^ EW|i TEXTILE Cirdliv idd Bpifii Jri] edtoi, bj«, ■toltoi Hj.

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