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Show me someone who doesn’t have any personal issues and I’ll show you a briefcase full of thousand dollar bills.

That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, it’s simply not going to happen.

If you do see such signs in the first few weeks, it’s fair to assume that you’ve started dating someone who has significant, long-lasting emotional issues.

If family or friends notice your date’s bad behavior There’s nothing quite like someone you know well to keep it real and put a situation in perspective for you. However, we don’t all have serious emotional issues.

You’re much more likely to have a better perspective on relationships than you did in your infatuated teen years and while, dating is a part of life, you realise it isn’t everything. Less games, more honesty, better dinners,” one user states.

Everyone would love to think the person they're attracted to is emotionally intelligent (flashback to early-20s-me who clung to any soft boy who owned a vinyl record player).

Dating is hard at any age, but even more so in your 30s. “You would think that people get better at treating each other well and mature emotionally as they age, but NOPE.” Another adds, “Lots and lots of unmatched swipes on Tinder.” But, perhaps the most common concern among those looking for love in their 30s is the amount of baggage people come with.

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